Friday, April 03, 2009

From NASA to First Sale: How to Convert Space Technology into a New Business.

Burke Fort talked with us about space entrepreneurship yesterday at the Denver Startup Forum. Burke heads up the 8th Continent Project at the Colorado School of Mines that is helping entrepreneurs convert space technology into new business ventures. For more about Burke and 8th Continent go to

At the end of the video Burk refers to an early remark you can hear on the audio recording, the four requirements for startup, usually a team: 1) the idea person; 2) the entrepreneur; 3) the money person; and 4) a support community, accountant, lawyer, marketeer, etc. To get the audio recording of the complete talk, the follow up discussion with Burke yesterday, and to continue the discussion with him online over the next few days, go to

Here's Burke talking about how the experience in space can be turned into a business on earth:

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