Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I just sent this email to all members of the Denver Startup Forum, the new community of practice for entrepreneurs and their advisors, with members from around the world. Join us (free) at

Here's the email I just sent:

Dear Denver Startup Forum Member,

Visit with Amar Bhide here in Denver was terrific. Watch here for details from a writeup expected in the Denver Daily News, thanks to them, the Denver Lions Club, The Burnsly Hotel, and the Daniels College of Business for making it such a success!

We are now going to have monthly Denver Startup Forum meetings, once a week was just too much. Watch for our next video the 2nd Thursday of each month, or if you are going to be in Denver the meeting announcement the Saturday prior.

If you are in Denver (or if you have friends who are) you might be interested in 1) New peer advisory group, 2) weekly startup workshop, and/or 3) annual conference:

1) New Franklin Circle now forming. In 1727 Ben Franklin started meeting with his friends for "mutual improvement," new group forming now in Denver
Interested? For more info email

If you're not in Denver and would like to start a group with your business associates, check out

2) This Friday (May 1) Daniel Perlman, MD and Carol Barbeito will share their startup experience with us at the Denver IDEA Cafe. Details and RSVP at

If you are not in Denver, I'd love to help you get an IDEA Cafe going in your part of the world. Contact me for more information if you are interested.

3) May 12 I'll be at the Rockies Venture Club 21st Annual Colorado Capital Conference. They are looking for presenters:

Do you want help finding your next great customer? Call me and let's brainstorm how I might be of service to you.


John S. Wren, MBA+
Life's short, start now!

Please forward this along to any of your family, friends, or business associates who might be interested, OK?

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