Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tomorrow (April 17) is the anniversary of the death of Ben Franklin. To remember the occasion, I'm going to start inviting an artist to do a commemorative portrait or icon each year. To get them all, you have to get the first, and here it is! Order yours now, half the proceeds will be donated by the artist to the Ben Franklin Birthday Committee. Thanks Mike!

I was talking with my friend Andy Cleary who does branding about an interview I had with a consulting firm years ago before they hired me and I went to work for them. They liked the variety of experience I'd had even at that time, "you are what we call the beachboy of business" which helps me quickly understand the current situation of a business and what needs to be done, just as a surfer has to understand the ocean.

"That could be your brand," Andy said to me. So I'm giving it a try here on this page. What do you think? Should I start wearing Hawaiian shirts?

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