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Sunday, September 20, 2009

This should be worth listening to Wednesday.

I just got this from my friend Ashleigh Brilliant:

Sunday September 20, 2009

Dear Friends,
If you are among those huge hordes of people who have always wanted to hear my voice, you may like to know that, through the magic of modern technology, you will soon be able to do so – and it won’t cost you anything!

I am going to be interviewed on a local Santa Barbara radio station which now “streams” its signal so that anyone anywhere in the world with access to the Internet can pick it up, live and direct.

This momentous event will occur on Wednesday, September 23, between 9 and 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. I realize that this may not be very convenient for some of you in distant time-zones – but please ask for only one miracle at a time. (And don’t expect to hear me constantly during the hour, since this is a commercial news station, and there will be several breaks for news and advertising.)

The interviewer is a local radio personality named “Baron” Ron Herron. I have been on his show before, but this “streaming” capability is something new, and we are interested to see how far the program may reach. It’s a “call-in," so (in theory at least) you can actually talk to me while I am on the air, and you and I will both be heard by everyone tuned in.

From outside the local area, the number to call is (866) 564-1290. (The local number is (805) 564-1290, but quite honestly I'd rather hear, this time, from people I'm not likely to encounter every day.)

If there is anything in particular you'd like to hear me say or do on the air, please let me know now by email.

Here’s all you have to do to listen in:

Make sure your speaker is turned on.

Go to (This is the website of Santa Barbara’s main daily newspaper, which owns the radio station.)

Go down the right-hand column to the section headed “News-Press.” In that section you will see six small boxes, 2 rows of 3.

Go to the upper-right of those 6 boxes, which is headed “AM 1290,” and which says inside (in red in 2 rows) “AM 1290 LISTEN NOW”

Click anywhere in that box.

The sound should then come up, but may take some seconds before you hear it.

All the best,
Ashleigh Brilliant

ASHLEIGH BRILLIANT, 117 W. Valerio St. Santa Barbara CA 93101 USA. Phone (805) 682-0531 Orders:(800) 952-3879, Code #77. Creator of POT-SHOTS, syndicated author of I MAY NOT BE TOTALLY PERFECT, BUT PARTS OF ME ARE EXCELLENT. 10,000 copyrighted BRILLIANT THOUGHTS available as cards, books etc.World's highest-paid writer (per word). Most-quoted author (per Reader's Digest.) Free daily Pot-Shot cartoon: CATALOGS:[h&m included]. Starter $2. Complete Printed version: $18 Electronic Text-Only (emailed $25, on CD $30). Electronic Illustrated Catalog/Database (CD only) $105 (includes shipping anywhere). Details:

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