Friday, September 11, 2009

 There are two sources for change within you. One is the cunningness of your ego that pushes you into making efforts to become something other than you are meant to be so that it can give itself a boost, so that it can glorify itself. The other is the wisdom of Nature. Thanks to this wisdom you become aware, you understand it. That is all you do, leaving the change--type, the manner, the speed, the time of change-- to Reality and to Nature. Your ego is a great technician. It cannot be creative. It goes in for methods and techniques and produces so-called hold people who are rigid, consistent, mechanical, lifeless, as intolerant of others as they are of themselves-- violent people the very opposite of holiness and love. Nature is not a technician. Nature is creative... a keen, alert, penetrating, vigilant awareness that causes the dissolution of all one's foolishness and selfishness, all one's attachments and fears. The changes that follow are not the result of your blueprints and efforts but the product of Nature that spurns your plans and will.  Anthony de Mello, The Way to Love.

"World war three has started," my brother said.

What do you mean? "Turn on TV."

I did, just in time to see the second plane fly into the World Trade Center at 7:03 a.m. Denver time.

A lot has happened since then: We have gone through treatments, bought and sold, made new friends, changed careers, found and lost faith, experienced births and deaths, and now we go on to the rest of our lives.

What has really changed?

I'd like to explore that with you here over the course of the next year. Together, let's look back and look ahead. What is different now, and how well is that working for us?

We'll start here next Monday morning. I hope you'll join us.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Maybe you could be an innovator or an inventor –
Pres. Obama's address to school students 9/8/09.
My advice for President Obama and his talk to congress about health care tonight:

Dear Pres. Obama,

Public health care is not, and can not be, insurance. It is charity.

We do not, and should not, let people in this country starve. But we help those unfortunates who need help with charity, not by opening a government owned chain of supermarkets. A government owned and operated health insurance company makes no more sense than creating such an Uncle Sam's Mart or Barake's Club.

Yes, we must have a strong public health care system to make sure disease does not spread, that illness is treated in clinics rather than more expensive emergency rooms, and that jails aren't warehouses for the mentally ill.

President Obama, yes you should guarantee that all Americans will receive adequate medical care by strengthening our public health care system, but do not take us into the never, never land of a government owned and operated health insurance company.

For an example of how a government insurance company would operate, look at the insane decision to close Ft. Logan mental health center here in Colorado, an example of bureaucratic thinking of the highest order. When there's not enough money (and there never is) make the people with no political power pay the price.

If people don't like dealing with private insurance bureaucrats, wait until they are waiting for approval of care from a former IRS agent or post office worker.

How to correct the real problems with private medicine? Allow the market to operate, which is not the case today.

Reasonable people should judge your plan on how well it: 1) cares for the least of us and 2) allows the operation of the free-market to correct the Bernie Madoff approach to medicine that is now too often the case because of government supplied wool that is pulled over our collective eyes.

John Wren