Friday, May 23, 2008

Did you see the ad for the Denver IDEA Cafe in
today's (Fri, May 23) Denver Daily News (p. 8)?

Today Joe Blake, President of Denver Chamber will be
with us with other interesting entrepreneurs, and we
will brainstorm. RSVP at


Big Talk: Good conversation about interesting topics
at Socrates Cafe, each Thursday, 7 p.m., Trinity Church,
19th & Broadway here in Denver. More info and
optional RSVP at

Can We Hear You Now?
Denver Speakers Corner, Sunday, June 8, 4 p.m., Civic Center,
North Pavillion in Denver. More info and optional RSVP at

How much are you investing in your own education through clubs,
associations, classes, etc.? Measure the benefit against these standards:

Does what you are doing now help you:

1. Understand yourself?

2. Develop a good attitude towards others?

3. Develop a dynamic attitude towards life?

4. Learn to react to causes and not symptoms?

5. Acquire skills necessary to achieve your potential?

6. Understand society and how to bring about change?

(From Malcolm Knowles, let me know if you'd like more.)

If what you doing now doesn't measure up, consider starting or

joining a Franklin Circle. Call me if you'd like to know more

about how I can help you.

Next Friday (June 6) I'm starting something new, an open
Franklin Circle. Just show up or RSVP to make sure
you have a seat. Email me with Open Franklin Circle & Date
in the subject line. It will be held each Friday, 4 p.m., at
Panera Bread after the IDEA Cafe.

Finally, I'm available to help your club, association, or group measure
itself against these standards with my interactive presentation
"Learn to Win."

For more information, contact me at or (303)861-1447.

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