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Thursday, May 08, 2008

“Marxism is the opiate of the intellectuals.” Edmund Wilson whose birthday is today (May 8, 1895June 12, 1972), The New Yorker Magazine has said his “mission (was) to deprovincialize American culture… Wilson hated American chauvinism and gentility, and everything he associated with them—prudery, pedantry, commercialism, and militarism. That hatred is the starch in his prose.”
"Our conscious, deliberate systems will never have total control, and our memories will never be perfect, but as they say in Alcoholics Anonymous, recognition is the first step. If we come to recognize our limitations, and how they evolved, we just might be able to outwit our inner kluge." Gary Marcus, a professor of psychology at New York University, who is the author of "Kluge: The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind." In my opinion, this book is an example of a kluge. It's a clumsy solution to the problem of assuming there is no intellegent designer or creator; our best thinking got us here.
Thanks Mom! And thanks Pop, where ever you are. Today's also my birthday. (May 8, 1947) I'm celebrating by attending the Denver Socrates Cafe, 7 p.m., Trinity Church, 19th & Broadway. Can you join us? (No presents, please, except perhaps that you volunteer to share your experience with us one Friday afternoon at the Denver IDEA Cafe in the next few months. If you can't be with us tonight, send me a email at with "Happy Birthday, IDEA Cafe" and I'll get back to you to set a date.)
How do you like the video I've just posted (top left on this page) of last Sunday's first ever Denver Speakers Corner. Another birthday present request, RSVP now for our next meeting, and then send out a few invitations to your friends who might be interested, OK? makes it easy to send out invitations, if you have any problems let me know and I'll help you. Tomorrow.

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