Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On this day in:
1607 - Jamestown, Virginia is settled as an English colony.
1787 - In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, delegates begin to meet to write a new Constitution for the United States.
1796 - Edward Jenner administers the first smallpox vaccination.
1804 - The Lewis and Clark Expedition departs from Camp Dubois and begins its historic journey by traveling up the Missouri River.
1948 - Israel is declared to be an independent state and a provisional government is established. Immediately after the declaration, Israel is attacked by the neighboring Arab states, triggering the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

Does far left plus far right equal fair?

That's really the question it seems to me, as CU proposes to endow a chair for a conservative.

I'm going to suggest this as a topic at the Denver Socrates Cafe this week. If discussing this sort of thing is interesting to you, join us!

We meet each Thursday at 19th & Broadway in downtown Denver. Details and optional RSVP at

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