I asked chat GPT: 

"Is there any example of someone living a good life by selling marijuana, now that it is legal? "


Certainly, in places where marijuana has been legalized for recreational and medicinal use, some individuals have chosen to build a life centered around the legal cannabis industry while

also promoting values of sustainability, community, and responsible consumption.   Let's consider an example:

Meet Sarah, a passionate advocate for sustainable living and responsible cannabis consumption.   After her state legalized recreational marijuana, she saw an opportunity to combine her love for the plant with her commitment to sustainable practices.

Sarah founded a small, eco-friendly cannabis farm that embraces organic cultivation methods.   Her farm is powered by renewable energy sources, and she has implemented water-saving technologies to reduce consumption.   Additionally, she focuses on soil health and biodiversity, making her cannabis plants thrive without the need for harmful chemicals.

But Sarah's commitment goes beyond just the cultivation aspect.   She believes in the power of education and community engagement.   She hosts workshops and seminars on responsible cannabis use, encouraging her customers to consume mindfully and in moderation.   Sarah also donates a portion of her profits to local environmental organizations, showing her dedication to giving back to the community.

In her dispensary, Sarah showcases locally-made, sustainable packaging and accessories, supporting local artisans and reducing the carbon footprint of her business.   She fosters a welcoming and educational atmosphere for her customers, where they can learn about different strains, consumption methods, and the environmental impact of their choices.

Sarah's story demonstrates how individuals can build a life centered around legal marijuana while promoting values of sustainability, community engagement, and responsible consumption.   In the changing landscape of cannabis legalization, people like Sarah are pioneers in creating businesses that align with their values and contribute positively to society.

  If you're interested in connecting with individuals involved in the legal cannabis industry who share similar values of sustainability and responsible consumption. In that case, you might consider attending industry events, forums, or conferences related to the cannabis business in your area.   These events often provide networking opportunities, and you may meet people who align with your interests and values.

Additionally, you can explore online platforms and communities dedicated to cannabis enthusiasts and professionals, where you might find individuals who are actively involved in the industry and share their contact information or profiles for networking purposes.

Finding a person involved in the legal cannabis industry who shares values of sustainability and responsible consumption can be achieved through various channels.   Here are some steps you can take to connect with such individuals:

Attend Cannabis Industry Events: Look for local and regional cannabis industry events, trade shows, or conferences.   These gatherings often bring together professionals in the industry, including those with a focus on sustainability.   You can network and meet like-minded individuals at these events.

Join Online Cannabis Communities: There are online forums, social media groups, and communities dedicated to cannabis enthusiasts and professionals.   Websites like Leafly, Weedmaps, or cannabis-related subreddits are good places to start.   Engage in discussions, ask questions, and connect with people who share your interests.

Explore Cannabis Associations: Investigate if there are cannabis industry associations or organizations in your region.   These groups often have members who are passionate about sustainability and responsible practices.   They may host events or have directories of members you can contact.

Visit Cannabis Dispensaries: Visit local dispensaries and inquire about sustainable and environmentally conscious brands or products.   Dispensary staff may have insights into individuals or companies in the industry who prioritize sustainability.

Utilize LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a valuable platform for professional networking.   Search for profiles of individuals in the cannabis industry using relevant keywords like "cannabis sustainability" or "cannabis industry professional."   You can send connection requests and engage in conversations with them.

Research Sustainable Cannabis Brands: Look into cannabis brands that emphasize sustainability in their operations.   Reach out to these brands through their websites or social media profiles.   They may have representatives or contacts who can connect you with like-minded individuals.

Attend Workshops or Seminars: Many cannabis-related workshops, seminars, and educational events are held regularly.   These events often feature speakers and panelists who are experts in various aspects of the industry, including sustainability.

Collaborate with Local Environmental Organizations: Connect with local environmental organizations or nonprofits in your area.   They may have partnerships or information about individuals or businesses in the cannabis industry that support sustainability initiatives.

When reaching out to individuals, be respectful, professional, and clear about your interests and intentions.   Remember to consider the legal and regulatory framework surrounding cannabis in your region while engaging with industry professionals.

JT, the above inspired me to ask Chat GPT for this:

"Please write a book called "Sustainable Pleasure" with a chapter about each person who has started a business making some food, beverage, or other business that results in an enhancement of the lives of their customers." 

"Sustainable Pleasure: Stories of Entrepreneurs Who Nourish Lives"


In a world where the pursuit of pleasure often seems fleeting, there exists a breed of entrepreneurs who have chosen a different path.   They have embarked on journeys to create businesses that not only bring delight but also enhance the lives of their customers sustainably.   This book, "Sustainable Pleasure," celebrates these remarkable individuals and their unique ventures, each a testament to the power of entrepreneurship to make the world a better place.

Chapter 1: The Organic Tea Artisan

Meet Jane, a dedicated artisan who turned her passion for tea into a sustainable business.   Her commitment to sourcing organic tea leaves from ethical producers not only ensures a delightful tea-drinking experience but also supports fair trade practices and protects the environment.   Through her journey, Jane proves that a simple cup of tea can be a source of sustainable pleasure.

Chapter 2: The Urban Rooftop Farm

In the heart of the bustling city, Mark transformed an unused rooftop into a thriving urban farm.   He provides fresh, locally grown produce to his community while reducing food miles and promoting sustainable agriculture.   Discover how Mark's rooftop oasis has become a source of nourishment and pleasure for his customers.

Chapter 3: The Artisanal Chocolate Alchemist

Emily's Chocolate Shop is more than just a confectionery; it's a laboratory of sustainable pleasure.   She meticulously crafts artisanal chocolates using ethically sourced ingredients and innovative techniques.   Join Emily on her journey to create delightful treats that satisfy the taste buds and leave a minimal environmental footprint.

Chapter 4: The Neighborhood Cafe Philosopher

Sarah's cozy neighborhood cafe is a hub for conversation, community, and sustainable pleasure.   Beyond serving delicious coffee and pastries, she fosters an environment where customers can connect, share ideas, and enjoy the simple joys of life.   Sarah's cafe is a testament to the power of hospitality and human connection.

Chapter 5: The Farm-to-Table Restaurateur

David's farm-to-table restaurant is more than just a place to dine; it's a culinary experience that supports local farmers and celebrates the seasons.   Explore how David's dedication to sourcing fresh, sustainable ingredients has created a haven for food enthusiasts and a boost to local agriculture.

Chapter 6: The Eco-Friendly Craft Brewery

In the world of craft beer, Alex stands out as an eco-conscious brewer.   His brewery not only produces exceptional beers but also champions sustainability through water conservation, energy efficiency, and waste reduction.   Discover how Alex's love for beer has become a force for sustainable pleasure.

Chapter 7: The Innovative Food Truck Maverick

Mike's food truck is a mobile sensation, serving innovative, sustainable dishes to a hungry crowd.   His commitment to reducing food waste and sourcing local ingredients has redefined street food.   Join Mike on his journey to transform the way we experience culinary delight on the go.

Chapter 8: The Community-Supported Bakery

Lisa's bakery is more than a place to buy bread; it's a cornerstone of the community.   Through her community-supported bakery model, she not only bakes delicious bread but also empowers local residents to participate in the baking process.   Learn how Lisa's business is a source of sustainable pleasure and unity.


"Sustainable Pleasure" is a collection of stories featuring entrepreneurs who embrace sustainability and enrich their customers’ lives. They prove that businesses can be a force for good, nourishing individuals and the planet. In their stories, we discover that sustainable pleasure is a legacy that endures for generations."Sustainable Pleasure" is a collection of stories featuring entrepreneurs who embrace sustainability and enrich their customers’ lives. They prove that businesses can be a force for good, nourishing individuals and the planet. In their stories, we discover that sustainable pleasure is a legacy that endures for generations.


Chapter 1: The Pet Haven

Step into "The Pet Haven," where Julie has created more than just a pet store; it's a sanctuary for animals and their owners.   From locally sourced organic pet food to a community-driven adoption program, Julie's commitment to sustainability and animal welfare shines through.   Discover how her passion for pets brings sustainable pleasure to her customers.

Chapter 2: The Green Oasis Garden Shop

At "The Green Oasis," Mark has transformed a garden shop into a sustainable haven.   From drought-resistant plants to eco-friendly gardening tools, Mark's shop not only enhances gardens but also promotes responsible landscaping practices.   Explore how his dedication to green living cultivates sustainable pleasure.

Chapter 3: The Traditional Barbershop

In the heart of the neighborhood, Tony's barbershop is a timeless treasure.   Beyond offering classic haircuts, Tony fosters camaraderie, tradition, and community.   Dive into the world of Tony's barbershop, where old-school charm meets sustainable pleasure.

Chapter 4: The Women's Hair Spa

Step into the serene ambiance of "Elegance & Grace," a women's hair salon where Sophia creates not just hairstyles but also moments of relaxation and self-care.   Sophia's commitment to natural and organic hair products enhances her clients' beauty while supporting a healthier environment.   Discover how her salon is a source of sustainable beauty and pleasure.

Chapter 5: The Sweet Retreat Candy Store

Marie's candy store is a whimsical wonderland of sugary delights.   But it's more than just candy; it's a celebration of nostalgia, joy, and sustainable treats.   Explore how Marie's passion for confectionery brings smiles to faces while promoting eco-friendly candy-making practices.

Chapter 6: The Eco-Conscious Auto Dealer

At "GreenWheels," Alex has redefined the auto dealership experience.   He offers fuel-efficient, electric, and hybrid cars while prioritizing sustainability at every step.   Join Alex in the world of eco-conscious driving and how it's transforming the way we buy and enjoy automobiles.

Chapter 7: The Community Grocer

Lisa's neighborhood grocery store is a hub of community life.   With locally sourced produce, sustainable packaging, and community initiatives, Lisa's store is more than a place to shop; it's a gathering place for neighbors.   Learn how Lisa's grocery store enriches lives and promotes responsible consumption.

Chapter 8: The Tranquil Massage Studio

At "Serenity Bliss," Sarah's massage therapy studio is a refuge of relaxation and wellness.   She combines her expertise with eco-friendly practices to provide her clients with not only relaxation but also a sustainable escape from daily stress.   Discover how Sarah's massages bring harmony to her clients' lives.

Chapter 9: The Entrepreneurial Launchpad

John's business accelerator is where dreams take flight.   By nurturing startups and fostering innovation, he empowers entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses that change lives.   Dive into John's world and see how his accelerator fosters a culture of sustainable entrepreneurship.

Chapter 10: The Guided Adventures Tour Company

Join Emily as she leads her tour company through breathtaking landscapes and enriching cultural experiences.   Emily's commitment to responsible tourism ensures that travelers leave a positive impact on the destinations they visit.   Explore how Emily's tours provide sustainable pleasure and cultural immersion.

Chapter 11: The Wanderlust Travel Broker

Samantha is not your typical travel agent; she's a travel broker who curates unique and sustainable journeys.   Her dedication to eco-friendly accommodations, responsible tourism, and cultural immersion ensures that her clients have unforgettable and sustainable travel experiences.   Explore how Samantha's travel brokerage brings sustainable pleasure to globetrotters.

Chapter 12: The Community Chronicle Newspaper

In a digital age, Jake's neighborhood newspaper remains a trusted source of local news and community stories.   By supporting local businesses and highlighting neighborhood events, Jake's Newspaper fosters a sense of belonging and unity.   Learn how his publication is more than just news; it's a lifeline to the community.

THE back page of each issue is devoted to “Sustainable Pleasure”

News and small advertisements for each business. 

Chapter 13: The Educational Enrichment Tutor

At "Learn and Grow," Amanda's tutoring service goes beyond academics.   She provides K-12 students with not only educational support but also mentorship and guidance.   Discover how Amanda's holistic approach to tutoring enriches the lives of young learners and their families.

Chapter 14:  Liquor Store that Promotes Sobriety.

At “The First Step Liquor Store” all the profits go to Alcoholics Anonymous Clubs in the metro area, and the staff is volunteers from those clubs, people who realize they can’t stop and stay stopped, and when they take a first drink they can’t control the amount they drink. They are glad you can drink normally, and they are available to talk with you about your drinking if you want them to do so.