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Wednesday, November 08, 2023

Dr. Seusse's Startup Surprise DRAFT


Title: "The One Minute Entrepreneur: A Dr. Seuss-Inspired Guide to Starting Your Business"


In the whimsical world of entrepreneurship, where ideas soar and dreams take flight, let's embark on a journey guided by the wisdom of Dr. Seuss. Meet John S. Wren, MBA, your trusty companion, here to make your entrepreneurial adventure a colorful and unforgettable experience.

Chapter A: The Entrepreneurial Decision

Illustration: John in a top hat holding a giant lightbulb

In a world full of "normal" jobs and routine days, John decides to don his entrepreneurial top hat and light up the path to innovation. He says, "An MBA? It's not bragging; it's full disclosure! But be ready for some deprogramming along the way."

Chapter B: Identifying Unmet Needs

Illustration: John with a magnifying glass, peering at a perplexed creature

John spots a need that's gone unnoticed, like a peculiar creature in the entrepreneurial jungle. He advises, "Look around, my friend, and you'll find needs aplenty. Be as keen as a detective; discover the missing penny!"

Chapter C: Challenging Conventional Wisdom

Illustration: John standing tall amidst a sea of sheep, wearing a "Think Different" cape

In a world of conformity, John dares to stand tall, challenging the herd mentality. "The SBA's advice, with market research galore, might not be the key to unlock your business's door!"

Chapter D: Embracing Serendipity

Illustration: John riding a roller coaster of business ups and downs

John's entrepreneurial journey is like a wild ride, filled with unexpected twists and turns. "Embrace the chaos, my friend, don't be stuck in the mud. Serendipity often brings unexpected business love!"

Chapter E: Learning Through Experience

Illustration: John with a toolbox, tinkering with a contraption of trial and error

In the workshop of entrepreneurship, John wields his tools, learning through experimentation. "To master your craft, don't just sit and muse. Get your hands dirty; it's the entrepreneur's ruse!"

Chapter F: Nurturing Local Community Connections

Illustration: John connecting puzzle pieces to form a local community

John weaves a tapestry of relationships with care, connecting pieces of his local community. "Collaboration and unity, they're the entrepreneur's song. In your community's embrace, you'll always belong."

Chapter G: Prioritizing Adaptive Innovation

Illustration: John with a superhero cape, morphing into different entrepreneurial roles

John's superpower is adaptability; he changes with the wind. "Be nimble and quick, like a fox on the prowl. Adaptive innovation will make your business howl!"


In the world of entrepreneurship, guided by the spirit of Dr. Seuss and the wisdom of John S. Wren, MBA, remember that every twist and turn is part of your colorful adventure. So, set your sails high, dance to your own tune, and make your entrepreneurial journey a Seussian delight!

Footnote: The use of Dr. Seuss's beyond Z alphabet (A to G) in this guide is a tribute to the beloved author of Dr. Seuss, Ted Gessle, who inspired creativity and imagination in all of us. We encourage readers to embrace these letters as symbols of their entrepreneurial journey and watch for #SussStart for comments and additional information on each practice.


What are the beyond Z characters called? Why did Suss pick those?


In Dr. Seuss's book "On Beyond Zebra!" he introduces additional characters beyond the standard A to Z alphabet. These characters have whimsical names and are used to expand the possibilities of the alphabet. Some of the beyond Z characters in the book include "Yuzz," "Wum," "Um," "Humpf," and "Ex," among others.

Dr. Seuss chose these characters to playfully illustrate the idea that creativity and imagination have no bounds. He wanted to show that there can be more to the alphabet than just the 26 letters we are traditionally taught. Each character has a distinct and unique name, and their inclusion in the book serves to encourage readers, especially children, to think creatively and explore beyond the limits of conventional thinking.

In essence, Dr. Seuss used these beyond Z characters to inspire imagination and highlight the endless possibilities that can be found in language and storytelling.


Are the beyond Z symbols in use today? 


The beyond Z characters introduced by Dr. Seuss in his book "On Beyond Zebra!" are not widely used in everyday language or writing today. They remain a unique and playful creation within the context of Dr. Seuss's imaginative storytelling.

While these characters are not part of the standard English alphabet or commonly used in formal communication, they continue to be appreciated for their whimsical and creative nature. Some people may use them informally in artistic or creative contexts as a tribute to Dr. Seuss's work, but they do not have widespread usage in contemporary language.

Insert table of all 20 characters and explanation of each.

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